About Us

"Adbrand" is an innovative and technology driven Digital Signage Network. Adbrand facilitates premises owners to install digital signages at their premises and allows them to rightly monetize their footfall and the investments on their real estate establishments. Adbrand facilitates for Brand owners, AD agencies and Media houses to broadcast the ads on the signages on its network, based on the campaign requirements defined by them; thereby extending Advertisers a convenient & effective medium to reach out to their customers.

"Pay per Confirmed Impression" and "Pay per Confirmed Acquisition (lead / sale)" are the thumb rules that drive Adbrand Network. We charge advertisers only for a confirmed impression that happens on the network; precisely like how your phone is billed only when you make a call.

"Premises Owners" are not just recipients of meager rental amount on Adbrand. They are our "Partners" and earn Revenue share from each impression of AD that appears on their screens. We facilitate Premises Owners to monetize their footfall effectively.

Our business network is cohesive with multiple contributors. Premises Owners (Partners), Business Associates, Advertisers, Ad-Agencies, Resellers and Network Partners engage in business with Adbrand at various levels making it a mutually benefiting business network.

Its all about Adsense'ng the Digital Signage Business at Adbrand. The network service applications run on series of servers located at data centers managed by expert staff. The infrastructure is highly robust & is built to run the business globally. The operation & management is centralized with no human intervention making the network fast, inexpensive and easily accessible to Advertisers.

Our business model is designed to surmount the services offered by conventional signage networks. We offer precise exposure to advertisers' brands, services & products; increased revenue & footfalls to Partners (premises owners); excellent ROI to Business Associates; business syndicate services to Network Partners and brand awareness to consumers. Our goal is to revolutionize the Digital Signage Industry through technology & innovative concepts. Mobile digital signages, interactive digital signage kiosks, E-Commerce enabled digital signages are the advancement of digital signage technologies Adbrand has to offer; taking the Digital Signage Business to the next level; bringing the customers closer to Advertisers.

Adbrand is THE revolution in the Digital Signage Business, pioneering into the Industry with an innovative & a technology driven network, offering customised Digital Signage services to Advertiser and business growth to Partners, Network Partners & Associates.