Welcome to AdBrand Digital Signage Network.

AdBrand is about brand building. We offer you a medium that exposes your Ad at prime locations with high viewership to effectively register your brand in the viewers’ minds.

Target Your Audience: You can precisely target your Ad on your desired audience, by selecting locations of your choice. The locations on the Network are categorized into ‘Channels’ based on the business performed at the premises, the footfall profile and the geographic location.

Accountability for your money: Advertisers are billed only for a confirmed impression of their Ad on their chosen channels, in the CPI (Cost per Impression)billing model and on the CPS billing model (Cost per Slot / per month / per screen) they are billed only if a screen belonging to the chosen channel is active.

Own control of your Campaigns: Using your online login you can modify your campaign settings, change targeted channels or can even stop your campaign instantly. You can view various online reports indicating statistics such as the precise timings at which your Ads were played, the screens on which they were displayed, etc and also choose to receive automated alerts. Click here to know about the benefits you get on Online Digital Signage Platform.

Besides these services & benefits AdBrand offers Anti Fraud system, displays engaging content such as latest news, sports updates, etc between Ads for definitive viewership, promotes eco-friendly advertising, limits the number of total Ads on each screen to allow maximum repetition of your Ad and offers creative services for creating captivating ads.

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