AdBrand offers Hosted Digital Signage Platform to Enterprises to establish a fast & effective internal branding & communication network.

CommunicateCommunicate: Set up your own network of Adbrands (digital signages) at your business locations across geographies. Promote your business, communicate with your staff / visitors, educate customers on new offerings and display messages of your choice on your screens.

Centralized ControlCentralized Control: You own your network! You can manage & display messages of your choice on all Adbrands or selective Adbrands according to your business or geographic requirements. You can view online reports indicating various statistics and can also choose to receive automated status alerts, summary reports, payment alerts, etc.

Cost EffectiveCost Effective: You DO NOT have to pay for licenses or maintain servers or purchase media players. AdBrand maintains the servers & offers its proprietary software free of cost and charges a nominal monthly fee for the kiosks on your Network. Furthermore a Adbrand is billed only if it is active.

Eco Friendly, Attractive & EngagingEco Friendly, Attractive & Engaging: Digital Signages are eco friendly compared to Paper / Banner / Poster medium and are more appealing with moving content. AdBrand makes it even more engaging by offering content such as Latest News, Jokes, Weather updates, Sports News, etc which you can subscribe to display on your kiosks.

AdBrand: offers customized LCDs with Color bezels, designer stand mounted LCDs, glass casing, stainless steel frames, future proof integrated kiosk units, Mosaic Screens & a range of other options are available to suite your premises ambiance & tastes. Click here to contact support to know more about our offerings.