Setting up a Adbrand is a simple and easy process if the instructions are followed correctly. A Adbrand can be setup using an Integrated Adbrand which is supplied by Adbrand or by using an LCD & a KMU supplied by Adbrand or an LCD and a regular computer CPU.

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An Integrated Adbrand is a single unit that has both the LCD & the KMU integrated together. The KMU on these units are light weight, narrow & compact unit and are custom made to fit behind the LCDs.

The Integrated units are easy to mount, can be programmed to automatically switch on when the business hours start & switch off automatically at the end of business hours, can be designed to suite the aesthetics of the location, and are future proof to easily adapt to latest upgrades in Digital Signage Technology.

A digital signage unit on Adbrand network is termed as a Kiosk. A Kiosk has an LCD Screen & a connecting KMU which is in-turn connected to the datacenters over the Internet.

The Kiosks (Digital Signages) on Adbrand Network are categorised geographically and are grouped into various business channels.
The Kiosks are categorized geographically based on the city at which they are located. And based on the type of business that is performed at the locations where the Kiosks are installed & the kind of audience who are present at those locations, Kiosks are grouped into business channels. For example: Kiosks Installed at Movie Theatres, Sports & Gaming Zones, Water Parks, Resorts, etc are categorised into the “Entertainment” Channel.
During the ‘Add Campaign’ process, based on the type of audience & the geographies they wish to target, Advertisers can choose the Cities & Business Channels where they wish their Ad to be displayed. For instance, an Advertiser promoting a soft drink, can reach out to the desired audience by selecting the Entertainment channel during the Add Campaign process & the Ad creative provided for the campaign will appear on the screens installed at locations part of that Channel i.e. at Theatres, Resorts, Sports & Gaming Zones, etc.

After successfully registering, Advertiser can initiate an Ad Campaign by login on to Adbrand Advertiser interface, using their unique user login, & by clicking on ‘Add Campaign’ button on the main dashboard.
During the ‘Add Campaign’ process, Advertiser is required to give information related to the campaign, such as the name of the campaign, the duration of the campaign, provide the Ad-creative or choose an option to send the Ad-creative, select the cities & business channels where the campaign should be displayed, and define various other information relating to the campaign. Through out the Add Campaign process Advertisers will find helpful instructions to the right side to guide them through the process.
If Advertisers do not have a pre-negotiated rate contract ID with them, they can still initiate a campaign by placing a ‘`bid’ for the CPI rates for each Kiosk Category on the Network. However, it is essential to have at least a minimum of Rs. 5,000/- in the account, for an Advertiser to initiate a campaign.
After successfully adding a Campaign, Advertiser is given a unique Campaign ID for their campaign and once the campaign is approved, the Ad will be broadcasted across the Cities & Business Channels as chosen by the Advertiser.

Adbrand supports SWF & WMV type of Ad Media / Creatives.

Adbrand’s Anti-Fraud team automatically receives alerts in case of a suspected fraud or a change in the display itself. Besides this, the Anti-Fraud team also conducts sporadic ground surveillance to check on the Kiosk’s maintenance, the footfalls at the premises, etc.
Adbrand adopts an Advertiser friendly policy where in, when the Anti-fraud team identifies & confirms a fraud, the Advertisers account is credited back with the amount deducted for the Ads displayed on that fraudulent Kiosk for that month. Further such locations are taken out of the network to avoid similar fraudulent activities.

Know more about Adbrand’s Anti Fraud System

Yes. When Partners login to the website, they are presented with their credit balance & also the total number of Ads displayed on their Kiosk for that day. Besides this Partners can view detailed earnings report, under “My Billing�? section.

Premises Owners earn a revenue share from each commercial Ad Campaign displayed on their digital signages. The revenue of the Premises Owner is sent once in a month in the form of a Cheque / Demand Draft or Online Bank Transfer. (Premises Owner in his/her login has the provision to select the mode of payment in which he desires to receive the payment.) The payment schedules are defined in our Standard Revenue Policy.

Logon to Adbrand’s website using the Partner’s login and select “My Settings ? to update any changes. In case of any technical issues contact our customer support or raise a trouble ticket online.