Premises Owner (Partner)

Partner with AdBrand Network and maximize your revenue by installing Digital Signage screens at your business premises.

Earn Handsome Revenue: Install digital signages (Adbrands) at your business premises and AdBrand will source the commercial Ads on those screens. You get paid for every commercial ad that is displayed on each screen you own. You also earn from the leads and other promotions displayed on your screens.

Transparent Billing: You can view you earnings online on a real time basis. You get clear understanding as how much you’ve earned through the kiosks installed at your location. You will also have access to various online reports to check the performance of your Adbrands and can also choose to receive automated Adbrand status alerts, daily summary reports, payment alerts, etc.

Build Your Own Adbrand: You can either choose to acquire the digital signage equipment from AdBrand or can also choose to setup your own Adbrand. For setting up a Adbrand all that is needed is an LCD screen, a standard computer CPU, an Internet Connection and our proprietary software which is free of cost. Click here for more information.

Promote Your Business: Apart from displaying commercial Ads AdBrand offers you, as a ‘Premises Owner’, to display your own messages in the form of ‘Utility Messages’, to promote your business on the Adbrands installed at your premises. AdBrand also extends ‘Competitive Ad Filtering’ service that prevents your competitors Ads from being displayed on the screens at your premises.

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If you already have digital signages at your premises or you own a Digital Signage Network, please contact us to accelerate your business.