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Under any of the fee packages noted, the Company offers hardware and network consultation, database development, data migration, programming in a variety of languages, web and e-commerce development, software testing and quality assurance system or network administration and other forms of related general consultation. Through the collective experience of its founders, Telletech has gained insights into the common needs of target clients. When the need is determined to be both urgent and pervasive, Telletech will standardize its services into a solution referred to as a Service Product. Telletech Service Products are pre-defined service offerings that are replicable from one project to another and have a pre-defined set of service deliverables, a predefined pricing model and are implemented using a pre-defined methodology. In contrast to the project outsource and collaborative development and consulting services which provide Telletech clients with services that are customized for, and therefore unique to, each engagement, Service Products are typically provided with little or no modification.

VIS offers best in class and best of breed products and will supply any solution a client wants. The focus is always on the customer. VIS Service Products will offer a number of advantages as compared to standard custom development and consulting engagements.

These include:

  • Efficient delivery of VIS services over and over again using a replicable methodology;
  • Ability to gain broad market penetration because the Service Products are well-defined and can be more easily sold by a sales force through sales channels;
  • Ability to more effectively articulate the business benefit of VIS services based on observing the impact that the Service Products have for other clients;
  • A more flexible pricing strategy that is based on the business benefit to VIS clients and not the cost to deliver our services.

Development Services:

  • For a fixed monthly fee, The company will provide predefined programming or consulting service packages.

Project Based Services:

  • VIS will complete short-term project works at hourly rate.

Temporary Onsite Services:

  • VIS will complete short-term project works at hourly rate.

Proprietary Software Development:

  • VIS has several software products in the early stages of development.​
WHY VIS Software

We're here for you

We understand the value of time in business, and we value yours. Whether your needs are proactive or you have an unexpected issue, we are available to assist you.

We strive to be the best

We offer a variety of services and strive to be the best in customer service, knowledge, teamwork, and communication. We guarantee our work, and stand behind every decision we make.

VIS is EVERIFY Company

VIS is EVERIFY Company